CasePlug: iPhone Mount + Sync + Charge + Stand

Many iPhone owners rely on a variety of accessories to get the most out of their device. They buy mounts, cables, stands, and chargers to help them out. The CasePlug is a special device that replaces many of those accessories. It protects, mounts, props, and charges your phone. It has an integrated USB plug that lets you charge and sync your phone. You can also use the USB plug to prop or mount your phone. You can connect CasePlug to laptops and other devices with a USB plug.

The developer has a port extender for those times you don’t have an access to a USB port. Just stick it anywhere you want to mount the CasePlug. There is a lot to like here. You can get a new CasePlug i5 for as low as $25 if you are an early Kickstarter supporter.