iPro Lenses for iPhone 5S, Galaxy S4, and iPad Mini

ipro lenses

Many smartphones on the market are capable of capturing quality photos. You could always enhance their capabilities with additional lenses and accessories. iPro Lenses happens to be behind some cool products for smartphones. Their set of 5 iPro lenses can make your iPhone, Samsung Galaxy S4, or iPad mini a more versatile handheld camera.

Now there’s a custom designed case for the Galaxy S4 as with the iPhone 5, 5S, and 4/4S, so the lenses simply thread on and are ready to shoot. With a slide-on design, the rugged 2-piece case offers fast installation and removal and an easy-to-handle soft touch feel. A quick bayonet mount securely fastens the lenses to the custom iPro case.

The new iPro Lens Mini Clip is designed to securely fit the iPad Mini

The iPro System is available in kits or by individual lenses. You can customize what you get, which is nice. Need one? Order it online on iProlens.com